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A Pen from Manager

Siddharth Singh Chauhan

Manager, M.K.C. Degree College

"Success consists in concentrating all efforts 
at all times upon one point"

Today, India looks like it is on course to join the league of developed nations. It is beginning to establish a reputation not just as the technology nerve centre and back-office to the world, but also as its production centre. India's secularism and democracy serve as a role model to other developing countries. There is great pride in an Indian that easily integrates with a global economy, yet maintains a unique cultural identity.

But what is breathtaking is India's youth. More than half the country is under 25 years of age and more than a third is under 15 years of age. If the youth of India are not properly educated and if there are not enough jobs created, India will have forever lost its opportunity. There are danger signs in abundance.

Fifty-three percent of students in primary school drop out, One-third of children in Class V cannot read, three quarters of schools do not have a functioning toilet, female literacy is only 45 percent and 80 million children in the age group of 6-14 do not even attend school. 

In the meantime, we as citizens of the world and descendants of India have to make a difference. We have to ensure that India and its youth attain that potential, both through our Business pursuits and the support of Educational charities, on-the-ground proponents of participative democracy as well as other deserving organizations and initiatives.

I believe that hope can triumph and that this can be India's century - not one that will happen as surely as the sun will rise each day, but one that many willing hands needs to create together.

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